Art Being Destroyed – Chuck’s Market Restaurant

What is art? it is paintings… drawings… architecture. There is a building in Bay City Michigan that will probably be soon destroyed. It should be on the National Registry Of Historic Places, but even that wouldn’t save it. It is the Market Restaurant just off Columbus Avenue.

It is an incredible building. The main part of the building is a completely round brick structure, with an expanded facade in front which includes two smaller round caps. They just don’t make a building like this anymore, and it is completely unique. And it is about to be destroyed. It breaks my heart.

I have a special bond with this building, because it is one of my first memories ever. It was the first restaurant I ever ate in. I remember walking in and experiencing the smell of butter and good flavor. I was probably 4 years old. But a vivid memory. The waitress asked what I wanted for breakfast… I said “Dunkin’ eggs.” She was like “what?” And I explained… “eggs, where you can dunk the toast in the yolk.”

But that’s not what is important about the building. It is architectural art. It is a museum piece in the heart of Bay City. And soon it will be destroyed. And those that destroy it will surely get no forgiveness from me.

American Art Awards – 2nd Place Pop Art

I almost didn’t enter any paintings the American Art Awards this year… some years I do, some years I don’t. Last year I entered several paintings, and won 5 awards… this year, I entered only one painting. The deadline had just passed and I hadn’t entered anything, and then I was contacted by AAA President Thom Bierdz, who graciously offered to extend the deadline if I wished to enter a painting. So I entered just one painting, “Variation On Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.” And now I am pleased to announce that it tied for second place in the Pop Art Category. Read the official announcement here.

Variation On Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa
Acrylic on stretched canvas – 24″ x 30″

Portrait Of Amy Winehouse

I recently posted that I was going to work on some larger pieces of a somewhat different nature. These are coming along fine, but it will be many months before any of this new work will be shown to the public. In the meantime, I am taking occasional breaks and doing some smaller pieces… just finished two… here’s the first.

Portrait Of Amy Winehouse
Acrylic on stretched canvas – 16″ x 20″

This painting is currently for sale in the Pop Art Shop, Randal Huiskens’ Pop Art Gallery.
Click here to view listing